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"Free Throw"

Lighting the Way

Fall's Falls

Ruby Red

Sunset Cruise


Building Bridges

Burning Bush

Bending Light


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5 News Articles to catch up

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Top US Photographer Arrested and Injured by Police for Photographing Santa Claus

This article is about Scott Rensberg, a nationally known photographer from West Virginia. He was, as the title of the article states, accosted by police while trying to photograph a Santa scene and a choir at a mall.

Some parents of children who were photographed asked that Rensberg erase their photos, and he obliged. Eventually the police took Rensberg down and held him in a lock that agitated his dislocated shoulder.

Landscape Photographer of the Year 2009

This article is about the awarding of the title Landscape photographer of 2009. It was awarded in Britain, where an exhibition of over 100 photographs of British landscapes is also being unveiled.

“Evan Davis, from Radio 4’s Today programme, presented the Landscape Photographer of the Year 2009 award and a £10,000 prize to Parisian-born, Emmanuel Coupe, for his stunning view over the Isle of Skye.”

Father and Son Nature Photographers Give Remarkable Royalty Free Nature Photos to Web site Visitors

This article tells about ForestWander Nature Photography, a father-son team provides free images at their Web site, The images are 21 Mega-Pixel artistic unique nature photos. with image resolutions of up to 5616 x 3744.

Interestingly enough, they were not even originally interested in photography, but only in hiking, fishing, God and the outdoors. But after a time they decided to share their memories via photography.

Seattle Photographer’s Copenhagen Protest Photos Out After His Arrest

This article was about a photographer, Christopher Crow, who was arrested after photographing a protest in Danish city, Copenhagen.

It is fairly short, but has a link to several of the pictures that Crow took, which are very interesting.

PHOTOS Daily News Photographer Kahn Wins National Honor

This article is about Greg Kahn winning a national award.

“The National Press Photographers Association announced that Greg Kahn, a staff photojournalist with the Naples Daily News, has won the 2008 NPPA Monthly News Clip Contest title.”

“He [Kahn] is a magna cum laude graduate of George Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in visual communications with concentrations in photography and graphic design. During his senior year, Greg volunteered at the National Geographic magazine.”

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5 Web site reviews to catch up.

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9 Ways to Improve your Portrait Photography

This Web site, as you would imagine, is a list of 9 tips to improve your portrait photography. I think it is a helpful list. I am not overly experienced in photographing people, so any help is good. Also if you photograph the same thing too often, sometimes it helps to get a few pointers to help you try something fresh and new.

American Society of Media Photographers

This is the Web site of the ASMP. It helps connect people with photographers in their area who specialize in specific photographic genres.  It also gives explanation on why you should join as a photographer. I wish there was more photography on the site, and that the site was easier to navigate, but I do like the “Find a photographer” search tool.

A Better Exposure

This is the Web site of an Omaha wedding photographer. I think the photographs are beautiful and that the site is easy to navigate. You can also find pricing on the tab on the left side.

The Art of Photographing Waterfalls

This Web site is about how to take beautiful pictures of waterfalls. It goes through the proper camera lenses and equipment, shutter speeds, tripods, aperture, film, bracketing and composition. It has a lot of good advice, however, it lacks a lot pictures.

Fine Art Photography

This is the Web site of an Omaha photographer, Angela Schumaker.  She does photography of infants, children, weddings, etc. Her Web site is easy to navigate and has a lot of photos available to view. Some of her work is good, but some of her wedding photography is not what I would want for my wedding, there was one shot that was even kind of scary.

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Final 10 – Michelle Bishop

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Rachel Hohman- Photo Final

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“Next Row”


“Sun Coming Up”

“Christmas Incognito”

“See Through”

“Straight Ahead”

“Long Way Out”

“Let Light In”

“Missed the Boat”

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Jessica Wright – Final 10

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Jimmy Evans – Final 10

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