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Website Review#1 by Cong

September 29, 2009 Leave a comment

This website is one of my favorite. I can sit in the couch with my laptop and easily spend hours surfing through it. The factor that makes this website so captivating is when you browse through photos on it you’re taking a virtual tour around the globe. This website gives viewers an opportunity to see marvelous things without stepping out of the door.

The main theme of this website, as its name suggests, is skyscrapers. Many of the world’s most renowned skyscrapers are showcased here. Viewers can get a good look at those world’s most extraordinary architectures and appreciate their aesthetic values. And besides skyscrapers, this website also has photos of stadiums, bridges, airports, subway systems, as well as many breathtaking natural sceneries. The site is indeed a great cyberspace not only for architecture aficionados but also for travel and photography fans.

The major weakness of this site is that the picture quality is not always good. Some photos look really neat and professional, but some are just amateurish snapshots.

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Fontenelle Forest

September 28, 2009 Leave a comment

Wild Turkey

White Flowers
Shadows and Light

Twisted Stump

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Website Review: The Pioneer Woman

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The Pioneer Woman is the photo blog of Ree Drummond and an archive of her life, cooking and adventures.

The website is beautifully constructed and polished. The quaint charm of retro cowboy illustrations mingles surprisingly well with Ree’s high quality photos. Her articles are always funny and interesting reads, capable of sucking a visitor into wandering her website for hours. Ree is such a prolific writer and photographer that new visitors can often feel overwhelmed, however, and her website is well-designed but not necessarily the most intuitive to navigate.

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Article Review #2

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Photographer stirs an awed Audience

The article I chose was by Donald Munro about attending a photo-seminar led by “Canon Explorer of Light,” Rick Sammon in the Fresno area.

I thought that the most interesting part of the article was when Sammon described the power of the human eye:

“The human eye, remarkable instrument that it is, can see a whopping range of 11 f/stops, Sammon told us — from the deepest shadows to the brightest highlights, all at the same time. The best digital cameras only see five or six f/stops. (If you’ve ever taken a photo of an interior with a window looking onto a bright scene outside, you know how hard it is to capture both extremes.)”

This shows why so many photographers can get easily frustrated when trying to capture an image the way that their eyes can see it. I can relate, occasionally I will see a lighting, angle, or landscape that I wish I could convey to an audience through photography the way that my mind and eye see it, and can’t, even with some of the best technology available in the field.

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Let it begin

September 28, 2009 1 comment


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Web Site Review #2

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Time Magazine’s White House photo blog

I searched for “photoblogs” on Google to see which blogs would be most prominent and found Time Magazine’s White House photoblog.

Its strength lies in its ability to communicate such personal idiosyncrasies of the presidential life that most of us will never see (i.e. White House meals, inside rooms of the White House, Barack Obama playing with a light saber).

The main weakness I see is in the web design not allowing the user to browse more than one photo at a time, forcing them to click repeatedly and load ad after ad to the top of the page, some of which are extremely obnoxious as the fall into the field of vision of the photograph.

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Stealing Always Gets You in Trouble

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Annie Leibovitz is one of fashion’s well-known photographers. However, when the chips are down and she needs money – fast – even a famous artist can resort to plagiarism. A suit filed by an Italian photographer – hired by Leibovitz as a scout for one of her upcoming shoots – claims that Leibovitz used his scouting shots as her own and didn’t give him any credit for the images in her ad campaign for Lavazzo coffee. The suit is still pending judgment, adding to Leibovitz’s current financial and legal struggles.

Italian Photographer Sues Leibovitz

Leibovitz’ Legal Woes

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