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Jimmy Evans – Article Review #1

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Jimmy Evans – Article Review #1

Abstract: “As far as the history of personal computing and the Internet is concerned, blogs are not really new. A few bloggers, even photobloggers, have been doing this for a decade or more. What brings blogs and photoblogs to our attention is that the number of participants has grown exponentially and reached “critical mass” due almost entirely to the popularity and growth of some new technologies. As far as photoblogs are concerned, the limitation in the past had been the slowness of dial-up Internet connections and, until recently, the cost of good digital cameras. Recently, photoblog activity expanded like a field of mushrooms with the proliferation of inexpensive compact digital cameras, widespread adoption of broadband Internet connections, and the advent of cell phones with digital cameras built-in.”

This article, “Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog, Photoblog: How Photographers Are Making The Internet Work For Them,“ by David B. Brooks was from Shutterbug magazine from January 2005. It may be a little old, but I found it appropriate, considering the make-up of this class. It is primarily about the growing popularity of photoblogging due to the expanding speed capabilities of the internet and the declining price of quality digital cameras.

I agree with what the article states about the nature of photographers. We love to produce images, but often have nowhere to go with them but “filing pictures in shoe boxes,” thus blogging gives us an easy, affordable way to share our work with the masses.

The online version of the article is especially interesting because it gives several links to specific blogs and shows some of their images in the article. It also lists several web sites that you can go to in order to start your own photoblog.

I found the article to be a useful starting point to find the work of other photographers, as well as a good way for first-time photo-bloggers to learn about where to get started.

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