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website and article review

Although I am majoring in Advertising and Public Relations, my long time passion has been photography. With my degree I hope to become a wedding planner and use the skills I have learned in my photography classes and potentially begin my own company and shoot weddings on my own.

There are many websites out there that display the same type of photography. It seems as though the photography styles right now are very similar. The same type of techniques and strategies are being applied to a photographer’s work and they are all coming up with the same end result. So, when researching websites the criteria that I used to make my decisions were based on the layout and how easy it was to use the website.

During this day and age there are many possibilities when choosing a layout form for a website and also the different features. A creator can either make the process easy or difficult and user friendly or difficult to navigate. This website was interactive and easy to move in and around. Also, the style of photography was like nothing I had ever seen before, it was almost as if the photos had an “old time” feel to them. The photos were unique in presentation and form with a hint of the photographer’s touch. The photographer seemed to capture “the moment” and turn it into a priceless memory.

I would have to say that there were not any weaknesses to this website, it was easy to navigate and I loved the fact that it showed a different perspective since they were based out of Minnesota. It shows a different culture and style of photography different than the styles around here. The style is less traditional, and I think that is what people are turning to these days. Specifically the engagement shots are less traditional and more interesting to look at.

website: http://jmphotomn.com/?load=flash

article review___________________________________________________________________________________________________

This article discusses photographer Mat Lit, who earned international recognition in Summit County, CO for his photograph of a little biker girl. The photo was shot in 1985 when he was the editor for a local publication, Taos News, in Eagle Nest, NM. He does many types of photography including wedding, dog and fine art. He has received numerous awards including the Black and White Spider Award, Wedding and Portrait Photographers International and Fuji and he can be found featured on several websites.

Lit’s photograph will be on display at the International 2009 Portraits Exhibition at the Center for Fine Art in Colorado. In addition, there will be 52 photographers from seven countries at the exhibition.  There is also another photographer mentioned in this article by the name of Mary Ellen Mark. She is known for photojournalism, portraiture and advertising photography.

The picture is what first caught my attention when I was researching an article to write about. At first it didn’t strike me as a photograph that would be on display at such a prestigious event, but after studying it and reading the article, I discovered that it is unique and one of Matt Lit’s best pieces. Too bad we can’t go and visit this Portrait Exhibition for one of our field trips! J

article location: http://www.summitdaily.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20090921/NEWS /909209987/1055&template=printart

photographer website: http://www.litfoto.com

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