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Website Review #2 – Mitchell Warren

Astrophotography – http://www.astropix.com/

Astropix served as a beginner’s guide to anyone interested in Astrophotography.  The sight provided advice, beginner’s techniques, equipment suggestions and several galleries of what the technique can produce.

Photographers who specialize in astrophotography take pictures of celetial objects through telescopes.  By mounting their cameras onto telescopes, the photographers can capture stunning images that wouldn’t be possible with standard lenses.  Of course, extra equipment is needed for the process, including mounts, meters and equipment to adjust for the movement of the earth (for long exposures.)

The site presented a strong side when it came to instruction and examples, but also had a few advertisement plugs that made it hard to navigate.  The author uses the website to advertise his books, which is fine, I just wish the site was a little easier to navigate.  However, some of the images are so stunning that I find it hard to complain about the site’s structure.

TO THE PROFESSOR – I have been under the weather for the past two days, and have not been able to get much done for class.  I will post an image and article review as soon as possible, but will probably not make it to class tomorrow.  Sorry about the inconvenience.  Please email me if there is anything else you would like me to do to make up for the missed class. (I could not find your email on blackboard)

Mitchell Warren


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