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Article Review #2

Photographer stirs an awed Audience

The article I chose was by Donald Munro about attending a photo-seminar led by “Canon Explorer of Light,” Rick Sammon in the Fresno area.

I thought that the most interesting part of the article was when Sammon described the power of the human eye:

“The human eye, remarkable instrument that it is, can see a whopping range of 11 f/stops, Sammon told us — from the deepest shadows to the brightest highlights, all at the same time. The best digital cameras only see five or six f/stops. (If you’ve ever taken a photo of an interior with a window looking onto a bright scene outside, you know how hard it is to capture both extremes.)”

This shows why so many photographers can get easily frustrated when trying to capture an image the way that their eyes can see it. I can relate, occasionally I will see a lighting, angle, or landscape that I wish I could convey to an audience through photography the way that my mind and eye see it, and can’t, even with some of the best technology available in the field.

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