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Article Review 2

This online article that I discovered is concerning the release of a controversial photograph of a wounded marine. This is a topic that has come up several times in the news recently with the war in Afganistan. The reason that this article grabbed my attention was due to the ethics class that I am currently taking. More of these types of articles attract my attention and make me think of the best decision to come up with, or the decision that I would personally make.

But, with any potentially controversial topic of discussion there are many factors that play a role in the final decision. In this particular case, AP photos are normally posted immediately. Usually the same day that the photo was taken, sometimes only a few hours after the shot was taken. But, in the case with this photo, there were other precautions taken. The photo was actually held for three weeks before it was published. And, even after the photo was released, there was still talk about it. Several people were for the publication of it, and several people were against it. Particularly the father of the marine opposed the release of the photograph.

Many of the arguments stated that the identity of the marine was concealed and not recognizable, others argued that it was going against the privacy of the family by exposing the marine.

I invite you to read the article and make your decision about the release of the photo. Would you release it or not?

The article can be found at


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