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Website Review 2


I read a lot of news, but it seems to be a little easier to understand the news, especially national news when I see a photo with it. I’m a visual person and I like associating the news I read with a visual. It tends to make it easier to understand what exactly the article is trying to say.

Therefore, everyday I read national news at msnbc.com and then at the beginning of every week I look at the “week in Pictures.” These photos are up for an award given by MSN.com and you can vote on each one. Usually I don’t vote, but if I see one that completely blows my mind and intrigues me then I will. The pictures from last week were all pretty good, but the cover picture was outstanding. I’m from a farm and my family is getting ready to begin harvest. Actually, my brother has already begun. He farms outside of Beaver Crossing, NE. I had the chance to get some pictures last year when they were harvesting.

The first picture from msnbc.com really caught my attention. It is from a farmer by Washington. It was a unique angle and a captivating photo that I thought everyone should see.

I also had another thought pertaining to these photos. Since they are every week, I thought on Monday nights when we meet that we could look through each photo and (just an idea) maybe say what we “think” the photo is trying to say, or what the story is related to it. This may help stimulate ideas for future photo opportunities.

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  1. jackiechavez
    September 28, 2009 at 6:56 pm

    I agree, this site has incredible pictures every week! In my basic photography course we used to look at these every week and talk about them. The pictures are so beautiful and truly capture the moment. I don’t think i’ve seen one bad picture on here. Great suggestion!

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