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Article and Web Site Reviews #3 (?)



This article is a little bit wordy, so make sure you have time to sit down for a while if you take a look.

Describing techniques used for taking photographs under black lighting, the author goes through great lengths to describe several projects that he and his partner have undertaken.  Some suggestions include making a sci-fi space scene out of models or doing the same as an underwater scene.  (the photographer and his wife both enjoy making models)

The photographer goes into detail about equipment, including what type of mount to use for your camera.  He suggests using a dolly because it is much easier to swivel the dolly than to reposition your tripod over and over again.  (this technique behaves largely like shooting still life images)

One of the most appealing aspects to the technique was the use of glass and florescent paints.  The two used together can create images with colors that wouldn’t be possible under normal lighting.  Reflections from the glass make the photographs even more bizzare.

Equipment needed seems to be marginal.  The most expensive piece will (obviously) be your camera.  Suggesting either a macro or telephoto lens to capture fine detail, the photographer recommends shooting long exposures.  This correctly captures the colors and most cameras/lenses will have problems detecting the small amounts of light in the subject matter.

Although this technique is unique, I fear that most of its properties can easily be reproduced in a photo editing software.

Web site:


Though not it’s own Web site, I figured it would be appropriate to link an online gallery in relation to my article review.

Some of the first shots are a bit scary (people).

The best pictures are a few pages in, which feature still life shots.  These are sometimes mind-boggling and several make me look twice to figure out what was going on.

Some of the photographers took the articles suggestions to a new level and used black lights in conjunction with normal lighting.  Another site…


… features some of those photographers.  Some of the pumpkins are shot with only black lights while some are shot with both.  Notice the second photograph, which shows a great example of combining the two techniques.

I figured these two sites would be good to list because the article didn’t display any examples.

Overall, I like the technique.  It can really make certain aspects of a picture pop to a viewer.  The only problem that I had, as mentioned earlier, was that the technique could likely be reproduced in a photo editing software.  However, the last link (pumpkins) showed how you can combine traditional lighting with black lighting.  This technique may yeild results that would be extremely hard to imitate through a program, making the technique valuable to know.

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