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Venture Out at Night

After a disappointing try at night photography, I did a little research on the subject. I found a great article that gives the very basic basics on getting something to show up on film when you shoot at night. First, a camera with a wide range of shutter speeds – specifically, long shutters to give you the most light possible for your shot. Second, get a remote control or use the timer for you shot. Even the slightest movement from your finger pushing the button will introduce camera shake – bad for all photos, but especially night photography. Third – tripod, tripod, tripod. I’ve found myself lugging around my new (Manfrotto) tripod for everything. You could say I have a bit of tripod addiction. However, I love being able to take multiples of the same scene with different settings. A tripod is essential for combating the dreaded shudder from the shutter at night. So, check out a few quick tips to start your night photography.


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