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Article Review #1 by Cong


This is a review of the Cannon 40D camera, which happens to be the camera I own. Having been a Cannon 40D user for nearly two years now, I want to say I’m pretty satisfied with this camera: it offers you almost everything you need for SLR photography at a fairly reasonable price (His younger brother 50D costs a little more but has some nice upgrades).

The author of the article goes in depth with the technical aspects of Cannon 40D. In the review, there are several pictures demonstrating the camera’s ISO performance, distortion, noise reduction, etc.

The lens reviewed in the article is the IS USM 17-85mm lens, which is the lens I happen to have too. Overall, it’s a decent piece with a practical focal range. But its max relative aperture is only F4. That’s good for shooting nice landscapes. However, when it comes to shooing portraits, especially under low light conditions, the F-ratio falls a little short.

The review’s author gives the Cannon 40D 24 points out of 30 and rates it equally competitive as the Nikon D300. I’m not sure if the 40D is on par with the D300, but as an owner of 40D I think it’s good enough for general photo shooting if equipped with a right lens. After all, it takes the mind behind the camera more than the camera itself to shoot quality pictures.

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