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Article Review 4

Risky Business  | American Journalism Review

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This is an article about a topic that we have discussed previously, at least the photo aspect. It describes several circumstances where journalists have been in dangerous situations and have even lost their lives. There have been several instances where journalists have been targeted and killed and no one has been found responsible. The reason for this hatred toward journalists is because they are being accused of reporting negatively about the Taliban and other militant groups.

This is a difficult article to discuss. It is good that there are journalists willing to risk their lives and report the news of what’s going on over there, but at the same time it is horrible what they are going through in order to report back to the public. The question to ask is whether or not the lives that are being taken are worth the information that we receive from these journalists who are being targeted? Normally I would say that it is pertinent that they are over there and able to provide information to us, but at the same time it is terrible what is happening to them.

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