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Mitchell Warren – Web site – Time-lapse


Time-lapse photography!

This topic takes a leap from photography into the world of video… through photography.  This Web site takes you through all the steps to create those time-honored scenes of a flower blooming, people flooding the streets of New York City or a chick coming out of its egg.  Though you create a video, the procedure is ultimately conducted through photography.  Software is used to stich the project together when the images are captured.

Manual settings are almost required for this process.  The article recommends manually setting the white balance and exposure settings on your camera, along with the interval the camera should shoot at. White balance and exposure need to be manually set so they don’t change over time as the lighting changes on your subject (remember, some of these projects can take months to complete!).  For this reason, a SLR or high end compact is usually required.

Some of the example projects looked cool, while I thought others looked cheesy.  Try this out if you are interested but be prepared for a long wait to complete the project.

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