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Mitchell Warren – Article Review – New Lightroom


This article highlighted some of the new features to come in Lightroom 3.

Before I jump into specifics about the article, some of you would probably like to know that Lightroom 3 is currently in its open beta stage.  This basically means that the public is testing out the software.  If you would like to try out the software, the article says that this link will lead you in the right direction (it’s free):


This will be available for a limited time, so check it out if you’re interested.

Anyway, Lightroom 3 looks like it will add some features and lose others.  The biggest loss is that of video manipulation.  Adobe says that only photos will be supported in Lightroom 3.

Lightroom 3 will; however, see the inclusion of Flikr capabilities with its release.  This includes being able to drag and drop images directly onto your site from withing Lightroom 3.  I could see this being a very big deal, and may make many photo-bloggers switch to Flikr for simplicity.

I would have liked to see more in this article but it appears to be an early look at the software.  If I have time tomorrow I might try out the beta (I’m guessing it is a BIG download though).

EDIT:  After further investigation, Lightroom 3 BETA will be available until April 30 2010.  Check it out!

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