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Mitchell Warren – Web site Review – Steve Chong


This Web site was completely devoted to one man’s still life and conceptual photography.

We have all seen still life photography over and over again but Chong takes some interesting angles to common subjects.  Many of his choices of lighting are unique and inviting.  In addition, his choices of colors either jump out at you or blend together (in a good way).  For example, one picture features a green cup on a green table.  Initially, it didn’t seem that great.  However, I couldn’t stop looking at it for some reason.  I think it was because I’m not used to objects being shot on something of the same color.

The best part about his galleries is that he put a personal title and description on every shot.  Many of them were very creative and I feel that he did a great job connecting the pictures to emotions.

He also included basic stats about equipment and settings he used to capture each shot.  This can be helpful if you are attempting a similar shot or need some inspiration.

Overall, this was a pretty good Web site.  It was a little choppy but easy to understand.  The fonts could have been bigger on the introduction page, but maybe it was just my computer.

I would suggest focusing on his still life shots.  There is a section for landscapes, which is good, but offers little in original ideas (in my opinion).

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