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Article Review #2 by Cong

Understanding Backlighting

This article gives some useful tips for shooting portraits. The author wrote, “I believe backlighting is the nicest quality light for portraits.” To me, that is a very new and usual idea because I never knew backlighting would be desirable for portraits.

This author listed several basic principles in the article:
• Backlighting looks nicest when front lighting looks the worst. In other words, it works best when the sun is relatively high in the sky.
• You won’t need reflectors or fill flash. When the sun is high in the sky, plenty of light will bounce off the ground, reflect off buildings and trees, etc.
• Don’t use any exposure compensation either. Just shoot normal aperture priority mode, using evaluative metering.
• If possible, combine backlighting with a dark background. The halo of highlights around your subjects will really pop against a dark background.
The author included a few pictures to illustrate his techniques. I think his techniques worked well.

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