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Twilight of the color photo- article review


I found this article very interesting, it was about the color print and how the printing and passing around actual photos has become close to non-existent. Since we can now upload pictures in a matter of seconds, friends and relatives look and comment on our pictures without ever touching a single photo.

“In the era of prints, the image was just part of the photograph. The carefully avoided thumbprints, the unfortunate creases, the ugly red digital date stamps – we will come to miss these subtle markings. Hold them by the edges! But the new images don’t even have edges – they’re all front.”

The author understands the importance of digital photography and its impact but something is to be said about print photographs and why holding a photo in your hands is still so significant.

“Without the print, photography’s magical power – to freeze a moment in time – is still ours. In fact, although we continue to think of the photograph as a physical thing, we are finding out that it better serves our needs without being printed.”

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