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Article Review – ACTA – Mitchell Warren

This article covers a subject that has the potential to affect all of us.

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement is a “secret” group of meetings being conducted between several nations, including the United States.  Ultimately, a trade agreement (treaty) will be created that the member nations will all agree to.

The information discussed at the last meeting dealt with internet copyright laws.  If the treaty gets approved in the future with the provisions that were recently leaked, internet service providers will be responsible for proactively policing internet submissions for copyrighted materials.  If materials are found, internet access could be denied to the address of the offenders (aka- your household).  The catch is that this law will essencially make sites like Flikr unprofitable because they will not be able to hire enough lawyers to check every image.

ISP’s will need little to no evidence to take down an image.  This could easily turn into a giant censorship of the internet.

The treaty is still in negotiations and conspiracies are running rampant over the issue.  I’m worried about what could happen if something like this is signed (whether it is realistic or not).


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