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This article gives you the opportunity to get your work on the cover ofthe magazine Advanced Photoshop.  They are looking for cover art for their 65 issue.  The main down fall is that you cannot use your own photos; they provide ten images from istockphoto.com.  The winner not only gets their work on the cover of the magazine but there is a cash prize as well as credits to istockphoto.com.  What’s good about the article is the fact that they provide links to istockphoto.com and explain the easy registration process and a link for a 30 day free trial to Photoshop.

They also provide links to get you to buy products from Adobe, as well as, tutorials and resources to use with Photoshop.


I’m trying to get inspired to take photos with a subject other than nature, so I’ve been visiting many famous photographers’ sites.  Russell James’ page is divided into art, his exhibitions, a retrospective book, directors’ reel, commercial work, bio, press, sales and contact information.  Under the section commercial work things are sectioned off into sub-categories like advertising, beauty, fashion, covers etc.

He pushes the envelope with some of his fashion photography with non-swim wear fashions photographed underwater.  He uses a lot of motions which allow his to show off the garments in different ways.  


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