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Article: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2009/writers/jeff_pearlman/10/23/hauck-protest/index.html
Montana coach’s protest of student paper sheer bully behavior

Montana’s head football coach decided to boycott the school’s student newspaper. The coach apparently wasn’t amused with an article published about an alleged assault on a student by two Montana football players. Shortly after that article, a writer from the student paper asked the coach a question (not related to the assault) at a press conference and the coach refused to answer.
After Sports Illustrated got wind of the ordeal, the coach released the following statement:
“”In a show of unity by our players, and to protest what they believe has been unfair and biased reporting of our program, they have decided to no longer talk to the student newspaper. As their coach, I support their decision.”
The paper’s staff is continuing to cover the team and the paper’s editor said she’ll still have reporters attend games and press conferences.
“It’s what you do,” she said. “But I have no problem focusing more on other sports. If they don’t want to talk to us, I’m pretty sure there are other athletes who will.”

Website: http://www.luminous-landscape.com/essays/antarctica-2009-worked.shtml
Antarctica 2009 – What Worked – What Didn’t

A group of photographers took a two week long photographic expedition to Antarctica. The photog reports on what gear he took, as well as the toll the environment took on the equipment.
Some interesting highlights from the article:
About 70% of the expedition members and instructors were shooting Canon, and some 30% were shooting with Nikons. Lots of D700’s among the Nikon crowd. Of the Canon shooters a surprising 50%, a total of 26 people, had the new 5D MKII, while among the Nikon shooters there was just one D3x.
The top LCD on a 5D MKII spontaneously cracked.
No Nikon bodies (mostly D700s) failed in any way.
The largest group of failures through were among the Canon 5D MKIIs. Of the 26 samples of this camera on board, one quarter (six) failed at one time or another, and while three recovered, the other three never did. In all cases it appeared to be water or humidity damage.

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