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Article Review – Mitchell Warren


First off, this article is a mouth-full of names most people probably do not know (I didn’t know the majority of references).

Once you put that aside; however, the article is actually pretty good.

The article starts off by emphasizing the changes and stigma that digital photography has brought to the arts.  At first, many people were skeptical.  In time, people have started to accept what digital photography can do, and it has become somewhat of a norm.  Instead of being a handicap, digital can now be a helpful tool, for an artist.

Specifically, the article talks about a specific art expo that displayed “new photography.”  Many of the pieces were abstract in nature and emulated contemporary and classical artists.

While I don’t think I’ll be trying anything like this in the future (I really don’t care for abstract art… it just doesn’t do anything for me), the prints are very intricate.  The artists must have spent a lot of time on their work.

Check out the article if you’d like, but I’d recommend just searching for the event itself on google to look at specific images.

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