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Web site – Mitchell Warren


When we started this course, I accidentally made a blog of my own.  I titled it “MrW Photography” (initials).  I didn’t even think about somebody else having the same name!

I decided to keep the page up and post pictures (mostly ones from class) on the site so my family could look at them.

The other day, a friend wanted to take a look, so i quickly typed in “MrW photography”.  Much to my surprise, the browser brought me to ANOTHER photographer’s site.  Upon further investigation, I found at least 5 photography Web sites with the same name.  What a coincidence!

Anyway, I decided to review one of these sites for my review.

The linked page if fairly basic.  It is well planned and easy to navigate.  Nothing new is presented here, but the photographer seems to know what he is doing.  There are several small galleries as well as a link to figure out the artist’s pricing.  It looks like he or she does wedding and corporate shots.

Nothing really stuck out as unique, but the site is worth looking at.  The photographer really liked to use doctored white backgrounds.  While generic, I liked the effect it had on the example portraiture.

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