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Considering my last post I have recently become obsessed with Trey Ratcliff’s work and advice.  He posted on his site this article that was printed in Smashing Magazine in February of 2009, the 10 Principles of Beautiful Photography.

1. Think of the Brain                                                                      6. Practice with HDR

2. Engage in the Neo-Global Salon                                               7. Take your Camera Everywhere

3. Get rid of your Tot Camera                                                      8.Understand the Fantasy/Reality Membrane

4. Carry a Tripod for those Beautiful Sunsets and Sunrises     9. Learn to Draw

5. Admire Impressionism                                                              10. Make Mistakes


Although some of his city shots are pretty tourist-like and nothing that special, his sunset images and scenic shots are memorizing.  I can’t truly decide if he is that skilled of a photographer or if some of the scenes he is photographing make it hard not to get a good picture.  You decide.


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