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Website Review: Stuff White People Like and The Daily Puppy

Stuff White People Like ( http://stuffwhitepeoplelike.com/ ) is a popular and hilarious blog that devotes its time to making fun of mainstream American culture. Photography is present in nearly every post, but is not the focus of the blog. Rather, the photographic elements are used as a way to add visual appeal and underscore the punchline of every new post. The humor and satire of the blog is definitely its strong point. Its weakness, at least as far as this class is concerned, is that its photos are treated as a complimentary element of the blog and not given much attention for their own sake.
The Daily Puppy ( http://www.dailypuppy.com/ ) is one of my personal favorite photo blogs and a guaranteed pick-me-up on the worst of days. Quite self-explanatory, the Daily Puppy showcases a new user-submitted picture of a puppy every day. Their collection is quite formidable, and the range of photo quality is also pretty amazing. I like the simple, straightforward layout and purpose of the blog but sometimes wish they had higher standards in regards to the photos they accept and showcase.

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