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Article Review #9 by Cong


Do you want to make easy money? If yes, then become a wedding photographer. The article I picked says if the average wedding photographer earns $1,900 for a wedding, he only has to shoot 53 weddings per year to make a six-figure income. Wedding photographers who earn $5,000 for a wedding are making more than a quarter of a million a year. So now you know why wedding photographer is one the ten most overpaid jobs.
If you wonder, ““if wedding photography is such easy money, why isn’t everyone doing it?” the article gives you the answer – barriers to entry.
According to the article, there are two barriers to entry wedding photography business: acquisition of knowledge capital, and acquisition of marketing capital. The only way to learn wedding photography is to apprentice to another wedding photographer, and even if you want to apprentice for free, you probably won’t find any takers. The smart wedding photographer doesn’t want to train the competition. And after you learn the business, it’s difficult, at first, to find any clients.

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  1. Betty
    December 16, 2009 at 2:18 pm

    I’m not sure if I’d really say wedding photography is “easy money.” Fifty-three weddings a year breaks down to at least 4 a month – one a weekend, with five other weddings left over. Equipment, travel and assistants all cost money. There’s also a lot of post-shooting time involved to process images for the client. While I do agree the average cost for a wedding photographer is expensive, everything else must be taken into account before a profit can be made. Most wedding photographers I know also work other jobs to pay the bills. It takes years to establish oneself as a respected wedding photographer. It only muddies the water when amateurs come along and expect big and easy money to work a wedding with their Canon Rebels or Nikon D40s

    You can’t recreate a wedding. Wedding day photography follows an often rigorous schedule, with one shot to nail a priceless memory. Or one blown opportunity to make an angry bride.

    I don’t really agree with the barriers to entry. entice others and then end up competing against each other down the road. They all have schools or some sort that offer training. It’s ones talent and drive to succeed that puts them ahead of others, and makes them worthy of the big pay day.

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