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Article Reviews: #8 – 10


This article was great because it took a look at video games as a possible medium for photography – something I think a lot of people tend to overlook. It talks about how some games include built-in photo taking functions, and that this kind of utility is becoming more common. The author posts some examples of picture he took with the utility, and the results are definitely impressive. I wanted to get this article in, because my final project will likely be a series of 10 screen shots I took in a video game I’ve been playing recently.


This very brief, simply About.com article is a great introduction in the most basic ways of taking screen shots. I would argue that it is a bit dated now, since most people have graphics editing programs and they usually have some kind of screen capture option. The method documented in the article mostly focuses on the primitive “Print Screen” technique. Most computer keyboard include the “PrtScn” key, and this key when hit, will save a snapshot of what was on screen the moment it was pressed. This data is usually only saved to the computer’s clipboard, and still needs to be pasted into a graphics program and saved.


This was a great breakdown of the various digital image file types. I was only vaguely aware of a few of them before reading this, and the article certainly has made me rethink some of my habits when saving images. The article covers everything from lossless, number of colors and file size and gives examples to show the difference in quality. Interestingly, the author of this article treats the Jpeg file type with more respect than a lot of die-hard photographers I’ve known. The author acknowledges the superiority of Tiff files, but argues that for its size, Jpegs are a viable option for photographers, and that its rampant popularity proves that it does something right.

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