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Final three Web site reviews

For my last three web site reviews, I compared three different “best of” photo sites.

The first one, ( http://fiveprime.org/flickr_hvmnd.cgi ) was the most unique because it focused more on artistic photography and was a compilation of favorite photos on Flickr. This best of list spans multiple pages and a variety of subjects – scenery, portraits and stills were all present in force. There really seemed to be no particular guidelines for the list, in fact – it really did seem to be based simply on popularity. I loved the variety and quality present, but wish the compilers of this particular list had organized it better.

The second one, ( http://www.boston.com/bigpicture/2008/12/the_year_2008_in_photographs_p.html ) is more of a photo-journalism list, and actually covers the best photos of 2008. The list is extensive, and I appreciated that all of the photos were on a single page, and displayed at a decent resolution. No thumbnails! Another neat feature this site had that the others lacked, was a simple system to protect viewers from sensitive subject matter. Two photos, one featuring an injured and bloody man, the other the body of a small child, were blacked out with simple white text explaining that the photos might be objectionable, and to click on them to make them appear. I thought this was a great, non-intrusive way to block sensitive photos.

The last site, ( http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2008/12/photogalleries/best-news-photos-2008/photo12.html ) was by National Geographic and also covered the best journalistic photos of 2008. I was surprised that there was practically no overlap between this list and the last one, except for one photo, and it happened to be the one of the bloody man that was blacked out in the previous list. National Geographic had no such measure in place, and I found the design of their list rather disappointing. Photos are not automatically displayed at a decent size, and there is only one photo per page – nice because you get a couple paragraphs of explanation per picture, but bad if the viewer as a short attention span or slow internet connection speed.

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