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Mitchell Warren – Article – NYT


This article doesn’t focus on a famous photography or any special techniques.  Instead, it talks about a sensitive topic, the posting of your child’s image on the internet.

Not having children myself, I never really thought about the subject this article addressed.  Social networking and blogging has made posting a child’s image on the internet an accessible replacement to the traditional photo album.  However, some parents and advocacy groups think that this is a bad idea due to child predators.

Some parents opt to not use the Web sites to post images because of the presumed danger.  Others only post pictures that are unidentifiable and make sure that their baby is fully clothed when doing so.  Still others only post on sites that have privacy functions.

While not everyone in class has a child to take care of, all of us can take something away from the article.  It emphasizes the importance of asking a parent before taking a photograph of a child (at the park etc.).  You should make sure that the parent doesn’t have qualms about their child’s picture being printed or placed on the internet.  It seems that while the danger of an abduction is small (according to the article), it does exist.

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